The Jess Purity Test is a way for the Los Lechugas mod team to see how many fucking losers are in their userbase.
If you get less than 70 then you need to go the fuck outside you lonely, miserable sack of shit.

Caution: This is a bucket list. Completion of all items on this test will likely result in death, which you deserve if you think it's a good idea.

Click on every item you have done.

  1. Ate your cousins ass?
  2. Gotten more than 50 eggs during the egg hunt?
  3. Committed incest?
  4. Sucked someone off?
  5. engaged in the act of sexual intercourse while being fully dressed and no body parts touching?
  6. Received a horny dm from Luna or a thigh pic from fem?
  7. Masturbated to a member of Los Lechugas?
  8. Been pegged?
  9. Caught your father doing your mom doing doing your mom?
  10. Been caught having sex?
  11. Been caught jerking off?
  12. Broke up with an attractive girlfriend or boyfriend?
  13. gave sloppy toppy????
  14. Had makeup sex?
  15. Read the classic metamporphosis hentai?
  16. Read lustful air???
  17. Read the Sanvi cumjar fantasy?
  18. Seen Euphoria? (the hentai)
  19. Masturbated while someone else was in the room?
  20. Masturbated to a family member?
  21. Had Alto make your pussy go poggers?
  22. Been banned by socks?
  23. Been banned from teenserv?
  24. Been banned from bensurv?
  25. Started an OnlyFans?
  26. Joined PlayRoom?
  27. Ever edated?
  28. Ever had esex?
  29. Ever catfished?
  30. Still a virgin like the fucking discord using, hentai watching, family jerking, pillow fucking, reddit loser you are?
  31. Been a victim of gremmer’s violent tendencies? (ty brooke)
  32. Jerked off to #self?
  33. Boosted a Discord server?
  34. Bought Discord Nitro?
  35. Shat on Kanye?
  36. Been tiered in Los Lechugas or Teenserv for calling Former r/Teenagers moderator Weeknd a groomer or pedophile?
  37. Harassed Discord mods?
  38. Been racist?
  39. Been homophobic?
  40. Thought saying "your mom" was funny?
  41. Engaged in bestiality?
  42. Gotten under 35 in the Rice Purity Test?
  43. Sucked a Discord user off until they were banned and then proceeded to shit on them?
  44. Had a dream about Discord?
  45. Made constant jokes about a banned user to the point where the mere mention of that user made people want to grab a gun and shoot you square in the fucking face like you deserve?
  46. Lied and told your parents you love them?
  47. Faked sobriety?
  48. Faked a gag reflex?
  49. Smoked?
  50. been a victim of jess's #tesus-no-mic-zone spam?
  51. Made a 9/11 joke, said a slur, made an alto joke during jackbox?
  52. Seen yam or gremmers abs?
  53. Sent thighs so you can get the thigh gang role.....what the fuck
  54. Set a Discord user as your wallpaper?
  55. Sent or received child porn?
  56. Set your discord pfp to Zendaya?
  57. Been in events committee or gotten mad at events committee?
  58. Unironically watched a Mcyt video.
  59. Been one of the first 30 people to join Lettuce server?
  60. Run from the police?
  61. called a mod short and laughed at them?
  62. Had a parent join Lechuga?
  63. Been arrested?
  64. Been convicted of child abuse?
  65. Had sex in public?
  66. Felt very uncomfortable watching a movie with a sex scene with your parents?
  67. Participated in a heated debate in #server-discusssion?
  68. Seen Snoo hentai?
  69. ?
  70. Had sex 3 or more times in one day?
  71. Masturbated to cartoons?
  72. Had sex with a stranger?
  73. Gave/received head in a movie theater? (not a fucking drive in)
  74. Ever applied for any type of mod?
  75. Ever been an emote in Lechuga?
  76. Been bullied by Lechuga????!@!!!!!!!1111
  77. Tweeted from a smart fridge?
  78. Stayed up late to win a lettuce event?
  79. stayed up ALL NIGHT on dickord?
  80. simped for an egirl online who is 4 years older than you?
  81. Spammed egirls or anime girls in chat?
  82. Competed for !d bump?
  83. Tried to unironically cancel someone?
  84. Been a failed abortion?
  85. Had sex without a condom?
  86. Made a Picrew?
  87. Wrote a fanfic?
  88. Had a threesome?
  89. Attended an orgy?
  90. Watched porn on reddit or dickord?
  91. Believed someone hacked you?
  92. Made a sextape?
  93. Impregnated someone/been impregnated?
  94. Had a fancam made of you?
  95. Paid a prostitute?
  96. Took a shit while in vc?
  97. Accidentally doxxed yourself?
  98. Posted about being robbed on Discord, five minutes after being robbed?
  99. Truthfully believe that Hitler was in Paris?
  100. Seen cum jar?